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Undergraduate Research Assistant openings

The Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR) has many paid openings throughout the year for undergraduate research assistants. Undergraduate RAs work directly with SIEPR faculty on research and data acquisition. Undergraduate RAs are hired on a quarterly basis and paid a standard rate of $17.50/hour.

This program is available only to currently enrolled Stanford undergraduates. Positions are posted until filled. If you are interested, please apply early. Applications are reviewed as they are received. For questions about the program, please contact 

Open Positions:

What do Statements Tell Us About Actions?

Post Date: January 15, 2020

Faculty Mentor: B. Douglas Bernheim

Project Description:There is often a striking difference between what people say and what they do. And yet statements are not random: even when they are superficially misleading, they contain information about motives. This project aims to extract that information through statistical methods, and use it to infer the choices people would make when confronting actual decision tasks. If we can accomplish this objective successfully, our methods will have a wide range of applications. We are currently working on an application, the purpose of which is to infer the determinants of microlending through an online platform to poor entreprenuers in developing countries from responses to survey questions about the characteristics of the borrowers’ postings.

RA responsibilities: We hope to hire an enthusiastic undergraduate RA to help out. The RA will have the opportunity to analyze data from experiments on the microlending platform and from an experimental survey, and will help write code for executing our method.

Qualifications: We are looking for someone familiar with basic regression methods, and with experience analyzing data. They should also have strong coding skills, for example as indicated by coursework in Computer Science.

Details: Approximately 10 hours per week.

Contact: To apply, please send resume, statement of interest (optional), and your unofficial transcript to

Gender, Grades and Class Choices - Understanding Female Drop-Out in Economics in Germany and the US

Post Date: November 27, 2019

Faculty Mentor: Muriel Niederle

Project Description:Many sciences, including economics, are still heavily male-dominated. Women are underrepresented at every stage - starting at the undergraduate level. The gender gap in STEM among undergraduate students could be due to differences in sensitivity to grades (Goldin, 2015; Horvath et al., 1992; Rask and Tiefenthaler, 2008), role models (Rask and Bailey, 2002; Fairlie et al., 2014; Carrell et al., 2010), competitiveness (Buser et al., 2014), risk-aversion (Booth et al., 2014) and self-confidence (Exley et al., 2018). Furthermore, women are significantly less likely to continue in economics after having taken initial Economics courses. We attempt to understand why women do not persist in economics. We do so in two ways: 1) analyzing undergraduate transcripts from Texas A&M, 2) analyzing the effect of the introduction of "majors" in high-school in Germany using the German micro-census.

Qualifications: The RA should have basic economics and econometrics understanding and have worked with STATA before. Ideally, the candidate can speak German to be able to go through some background readings about the introduction of the majors ("Leistungskurse") in Germany.

Details: Approximately 10 hours per week.

Contact: To apply, please send resume, statement of interest (optional), and your unofficial transcript to