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Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research

Research Spotlight

SIEPR’s Pascaline Dupas has focused much of her research on how to increase the use of insecticide-treated bed nets by making them inexpensive and easy to get.

Research Spotlight

SIEPR Faculty Fellow David Chan learns what happens when doctors determine whom among them is better suited to take on the next patient, rather than relying on triage nurses to make the assignments.

Faculty Leadership

Levin’s research has focused on auctions and marketplace design, the economics of organizations and consumer finance. His current interests include Internet platforms, the health care system and ways to incorporate new datasets into economic research.

Welcome to SIEPR


July 25, 2016

Twenty-Ninth Annual Stanford Summer Economic Institute for the Teachers


May 11, 2016

SIEPR Senior Fellow Nicholas Bloom talks about his research showing how companies are becoming more segregated by education and skill.

May 2, 2016

SIEPR Faculty Fellow Rebecca Diamond finds that fear of building low-income housing in poor neighborhoods is entirely misplaced.