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Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research

Research Spotlight

The availability of accurate and reliable information on the location of impoverished zones is surprisingly lacking for much of the world. SIEPR Faculty Fellow Marshall Burke is addressing that problem.

Professional Development

Teaching economics to high school students can be daunting, but SIEPR helps teachers embrace the challenge with a fresh approach and new resources. The annual five-day Summer Economic Institute for Teachers, now in its 29th year, draws educators from California and beyond.

Expert Outlook

SIEPR’s John Taylor says lower tax rates, a host of reforms and free-trade agreements could give a much-needed boost to America’s economy.

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September 22, 2016

Victor Fuchs, a senior fellow emeritus at SIEPR, has a new commentary in JAMA citing a rapid rise in life expectancy for black Americans. But he notes that more needs to be done to close the gap between blacks and whites.

September 19, 2016

This New York Times piece about voucher programs and housing policies cites research by Senior Fellow Raj Chetty.