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January 31, 2018

SIEPR’s Rebecca Diamond’s latest research explores a broad range of issues that might affect how and whether low-income consumers buy healthful foods.

January 9, 2018

The three-term Democratic senator worked across party lines to close loopholes, lower rates and simplify the tax code.

December 19, 2017

Research by SIEPR’s Grant Miller focused on girls in Malaysia, one of the first low-income countries to provide modern contraceptives on a large scale.

December 14, 2017

A new big data patent analysis by SIEPR’s Amit Seru shows that innovation bursts in the 1800s had greater social impact.

December 5, 2017

The findings by SIEPR Senior Fellow Sean Reardon come from a new analysis of data from all public school districts in the United States.

December 4, 2017

SIEPR Senior Fellow Raj Chetty and his colleagues say "there are many 'lost Einsteins'" — as their latest research shows how key factors behind who becomes an inventor are coming up short for women, minorities and children from low-income families.

November 16, 2017

To charter or not to charter? Is equity in education the new coconut water? How far are we from closing achievement gaps? The recent SIEPR Policy Forum on K-12 Education featured informative views on these topics.

November 6, 2017

SIEPR's Amit Seru finds that Obama’s 2009 mortgage-modification program would have helped 70% more homeowners if lenders had been better organized.

October 19, 2017

It was an endearing and enlightening day on the life of Kenneth Arrow.

October 17, 2017

In addition to sharing his insights on Hurricane Harvey and the national economy, Rob Kaplan met with a group of Stanford students for a discussion about economic policy.

September 19, 2017

Just as visiting researchers are settling in for the current academic year, SIEPR is also accepting applications for those interested in the 2018-19 Young Scholars program.

2017-18 predoctoral fellows
September 19, 2017

The start of the academic year is here, and an inaugural group of 28 predoctoral fellows and research assistants at SIEPR is all set for a rigorous journey ahead.

Shai Bernstein
September 18, 2017

SIEPR's Shai Bernstein explored the impact of private equity firms during the financial crisis of 2008 and found they appeared to be helpful rather than harmful amid the economic turmoil.

August 14, 2017

SIEPR's Anat Admati skewers a few fallacies often advanced by politicians and regulators.

Stock image of health law document
August 4, 2017

SIEPR's Mark Duggan and Gopi Shah Goda talk about their latest research showing that the Affordable Care Act is not hurting the workforce, despite claims by the law's critics.

Sketch with examples comparing privacy to pizza
August 2, 2017

A new study by SIEPR’s Susan Athey shows a disconnect between what people say they want and what they actually do when it comes to protecting privacy. Her work can inform policymakers thinking about how to regulate data sharing.

Pizza restaurant
June 22, 2017

Online platforms like Yelp are brimming with information, and SIEPR visiting scholar Michael Luca says the time is ripe for economists and policymakers to tap these treasure troves of data to enhance their work in informing policy.

Chetty and Grusky smiling in the lobby of SIEPR building
June 21, 2017

SIEPR’s Raj Chetty and David Grusky are influencing government policy and practice with revelations about inequality. Find out how in this Stanford Magazine feature about their ambitious...

Dilapidated houses along a street with crumbling pavement
June 20, 2017

Despite improvements in education and social mobility, "profound racial and ethnic inequalities" still exist — and are sometimes even increasing — in areas like employment, health and housing.

Moritz Lenel accepts Landau Prize from Mark Duggan
June 6, 2017

The prize recognizes the best student-written working paper, which this year focused on the effects of unconventional monetary policy.

Image of woman thinking about ideas
May 31, 2017

Modern-day inventors — even those in the league of Steve Jobs — will have a tough time measuring up to the productivity of the Thomas Edisons of the past.

Mick Mulvaney in student talk
May 12, 2017

OMB Director Mick Mulvaney discussed economic growth, entitlements, health care and a fiery presidential tweet.

Stanford PhD candidate Shea Streeter talks to Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones about building trust between cops and communities
April 27, 2017

Students, scholars and crimefighters go beyond the daily headlines to examine America’s criminal justice system.

Dave's portrait
April 19, 2017

International trade expert Dave Donaldson talks about being this year's winner of the award known as the "Baby Nobel."

April 12, 2017

With immigration such a divisive issue in America, Senior Fellow Ran Abramitzky examines some lessons learned from the Age of Mass Migration and says fears that immigrants cannot fit into American society are misplaced.

March 29, 2017

Many Republicans blame environmental regulations for choking the country’s coal industry.
But SIEPR Senior Fellow Charles Kolstad shows there are other — likely stronger — influences at work.

March 23, 2017

Growing polarization runs highest among older Americans — or those who are the least likely to get online, according to SIEPR researchers.

March 16, 2017

This year’s event took participants from the dark days of Wall Street and the Golden Age of Hollywood to the uncertain future of the world’s geopolitical shifts.

A farmer walks along his paddy fields as women immerse seedlings in the background
March 8, 2017

In India’s paddy fields, a researcher with SIEPR's center for international development sees how data alone can’t tell the entire story.

February 22, 2017

Arrow, a senior fellow emeritus at SIEPR, is remembered for his pioneering contributions to economics and his gentle and nurturing spirit as a teacher.