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Energy and Environment

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Climate change, energy conservation and power supplies pose some of today’s greatest challenges. SIEPR researchers are using the tools of economics to analyze the impact of environmental policy decisions being made in the United States and abroad. Our scholars work closely with scientists, engineers, and policymakers to develop and analyze economically viable approaches to safeguarding the environment and the broader impacts of environmental factors on society. Through our joint venture with Stanford's Precourt Institute for Energy, we also support the work of Stanford Environmental and Energy Policy Analysis Center (SEEPAC).

Keywords: environmental economics, energy markets, pollution, conservation, agriculture, climate change

People in Energy and Environment Research

Associate Professor of Earth System Science
Professor of Economics
Professor of Law
Research Scholar
Senior Fellow
Visiting Fellow
Professor of Earth System Science
Professor of Finance
Professor of Economics
Professor of Economics
Professor of Law and Economics
Professor of Accounting
Associate Professor of Medicine
Professor of Economics
Professor of Management Science and Engineering
Professor of Political Science
Professor of Economics

Related Publications

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