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Policy Briefs

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SIEPR policy briefs are grounded in academic research and inform economic policy debates and discussions.

Hall, A. (2021). State elections, policy choices, and accountability. Policy Brief.
Andonov, A., Rauh, J., & de Zeeuw, M. (2021). Private investigations: Can institutional investors fill the infrastructure gap?. Policy Brief.
Duggan, M., & Olmstead, S. (2021). A tale of two states: Contrasting economic policy in California and Texas. Policy Brief.
Fogli, A., & Pastorino, E. (2021). Challenges and opportunities from the pandemic in Europe: The case of Italy. Policy Brief.
Bloom, N. (2021). Hybrid is the future of work. Policy Brief.
Li, H., & Rozelle, S. (2021). Tracking China’s economic path. Policy Brief.
Chan, D., Duggan, M., & Guo, A. (2021). Soldiering on: Improving policies to benefit America’s veterans. Policy Brief.
Ramani, A., & Bloom, N. (2021). The donut effect: How COVID-19 shapes real estate. Policy Brief.
Duggan, M. (2020). Economic policy in a Biden administration. Policy Brief.
Hall, A. (2020). How does vote-by-mail change American elections?. Policy Brief.
Burke, M., Heft-Neal, S., & Wara, M. (2020). Managing the growing cost of wildfire. Policy Brief.
Duggan, M., Guo, A., & Johnston, A. (2020). Unemployment during the pandemic: How to avoid going for broke. Policy Brief.
Taylor, J., & Mallery, J. (2020). In-person and online learning go together. Policy Brief.
Bloom, N. (2020). How working from home works out. Policy Brief.
Blundell, J., Bloom, N., Pistaferri, L., & Bell, B. (2020). Softening the pandemic’s blow to workers. Policy Brief.