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SIEPR Summer Undergraduate Research Program

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Summer 2024 Undergraduate Research Fellows Program

The SIEPR Undergraduate Research Fellows (UGRF) summer program provides an immersive research experience for Stanford undergraduates. The goals of the program are to connect students with SIEPR faculty and foster mentoring relationships, involve students in policy-relevant economics research, and help them develop research skills. We also aim to introduce a diverse population of students to economic policy research and encourage students from all areas of study to apply.

The program runs for 10 weeks, June 24 - August 30, 2024. Students are offered a fellowship stipend of $7500. All students are required to participate in the in-person activities during the program. Due to this we encourage students and mentors to be located within commuting distance of Stanford's campus for the duration of the summer program. 

SIEPR UGRF Student Eligibility: 

  • Participants must be current Stanford undergraduates during the summer quarter.  
    • Coterm students and seniors are eligible only if their bachelor’s degree will not be conferred before the end of the research appointment. Coterm students paying graduate tuition are not eligible. 
  • Students serving a suspension or on a leave of absence during Summer quarter are not eligible. 
  • Students are required to be on campus for program activities for the duration of the summer program.  
  • Students need to acknowledge that they understand the current Financial Aid policies for receiving a stipend payment while enrolled in classes, and are encouraged to check in with the Financial Aid Office before committing to participating in the SIEPR UGRF Program.

Program Activities: 

  • Students are required to attend in-person meetings throughout the program. 
  • Students create goals in collaboration with faculty mentors to accomplish during the program. These goals include opportunities for students to build research skills and complete tasks on faculty-led projects throughout the summer equaling approx. 35 hours a week.
  • Students meet with the Faculty Mentor/Research Team regularly to discuss progress towards project goals.
  • Students explore their own research interests with the guidance of their faculty mentor.
  • Students prepare a final presentation at the end of the summer on their progress on their learning goals. 

Application Requirements:

  1. A list of the courses that you have taken that are research-related. 
  2. Resume
  3. A  cover letter that addresses the following:
    1. Why are you interested in a SIEPR UGRF position?
    2. What is your previous experience, if any, with research?
    3. What are your personal research interests?

Current Projects