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Focal Areas

Learn why education is one of the biggest factors in determining a person's economic outcome.

Analyze the impact of environmental policy decisions being made in the United States and abroad.

Study what's behind human and economic development in low- and middle-income countries and the impact of international trade.

Examine the design of health care markets and insurance, the determinants of health and health care spending, and the impact disease and health crises have on economics.

See how housing and infrastructure policies affect economic output and the way goods and services are allocated.

Evaluate how policies affect inequities in housing and health care markets, schools and workplaces, criminal justice systems, and other areas with uneven opportunities.

Discover the causes and economic consequences of innovation and emerging technology like artificial intelligence.

Understand what shapes monetary and financial policies and their impact on millions of people.

Investigate how politics and the media shape societies in America and around the world.

Inspect the trade-offs between consumer protections and business innovation and productivity and how competition and market structure affects consumers and producers.

Research how taxes affect workers and businesses, and the effectiveness of government spending on defense, entitlements, education, and other programs.

See how the labor force plays a role in shaping the economy and how policies impact workplaces, employees, and families.