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Investing in tomorrow’s policy experts

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Watch as Stanford undergraduates follow the money, dig for data, and work with SIEPR researchers and a titan of business to measure government performance and understand how economic policy affects everyday lives.

“I knew immediately it was something I wanted to do.”

— Justina Breen, sophomore

Ten students dive into the trenches of government data and lay the foundation for a major research project and a sophomore seminar that bring accountability to economic policies.

“There’s a lot of banging my head against the keyboard. Then finally you get this gold mine.”

— Billy Ferguson, sophomore

The students hunt for information, make sense of what they find and present their analysis to Steve Ballmer, the former Microsoft chief partnering with SIEPR Director Mark Duggan to teach the seminar.

“Bet on the bright young people around Stanford University.”

— Steve Ballmer, SIEPR Advisory Board member and owner of the LA Clippers

Early engagement in economic policy research inspires the students to make a difference outside the walls of academia.