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2023 SIEPR Economic Summit

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Our 2023 SIEPR Economic Summit convened more than 450 policymakers, business leaders, and academics from around the world. The annual daylong conference — in its 19th year — was the first to be held in person since the pandemic’s onset. Featured speakers included former Secretary of Treasury Lawrence Summers, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond President Thomas Barkin. In tones both weighty and accessible, they joined a slate of panelists in providing insights into what lies ahead at an unprecedented time for the U.S. and global economies. 
Highlights and links to recordings from the March 3 event are below.

"Our goal today is to shine the light on how policymakers, business leaders and all of us can help pave the way to a brighter future."

— Mark Duggan, Trione Director of SIEPR


Catch the highlights

Real energy. Real connections. Real insights.

Summit Sessions

Global tensions. An aging world. The promise and risk of new tech. The costs of a warming planet. Panelists and speakers at the 2023 SIEPR Economic Summit framed today’s most pressing issues against a backdrop of economic uncertainty and the policies that will shape the future. We invite you to explore the sessions and deepen your understanding.

A fireside chat

Globalization is a fact. Not a policy.

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Trione Director of SIEPR Mark Duggan kick off the Summit with a conversation that traverses the world’s geopolitical flashpoints and shifting economies. There’s no turning back on the interdependence of nations, Rice says.

Demographics: A changing world

57 is the new 57

It’s prime time to embrace the economic reality of aging. Birth rates are falling, and people are living longer. The featured speakers in the session on demographics discuss what this means for markets — and for society.

The Fed's Thomas Barkin

The oscillating economy

Is the U.S. economy cruising along to stability or careening toward a precipice? Thomas Barkin, head of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, explains in his keynote why he thinks there’s plenty of reason to worry.

Sustainability and economic policy

Going beyond promises to get to a "net zero" world

Promises abound, but nobody knows how the transition to “net zero” carbon emissions will play out. Experts on the climate economics panel talk about what needs to happen next. Carrots or sticks?

Lawrence Summers

On the US economy: "I'm apprehensive."

In a closing keynote, the renowned former policymaker and pioneering scholar accepts this year's SIEPR Prize and reflects on a range of pressing economic issues — from his predicted slowdown of the U.S. economy to the real-life impacts of artificial intelligence.

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Scenes from the Summit

*Photos by Ryan Zhang

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