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Undergraduate Student Opportunities

Undergraduates are a vital part of SIEPR, and we have many ways for you to engage with our researchers.


We have many openings throughout the year for Stanford students in our Undergraduate Research Assistant (UGRA) program and also through the Stanford King Center on Global Development.

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Wondering what our research assistants do? Watch as these undergrads work on a project to measure government performance and understand how economic policy affects everyday lives.

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Connect with other undergrads interested in economics and policy issues through the Stanford Economics Association (SEA) and Stanford in Government (SIG). SEA is a student-run group that offers a range of activities for econ majors and others interested in economics. SIG offers public service internships and hosts events on campus that help foster a culture of civic and political engagement at Stanford.


Want to hear directly from the policymakers, scholars and other big players dealing with some of the country’s biggest challenges? Our Policy Forums give you the chance to learn the economic ins and outs of topics like affordable housing, health care, or the nation’s criminal justice system. Come with your questions and expect direct answers from experts on the front lines of policymaking.

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Get Briefed

SIEPR Policy Briefs draw you into today’s top economic issues through the prism of research, not politics. Our scholars write these pieces for policymakers, business leaders and other readers who want an unbiased and evidence-based understanding of the decisions, options and ideas being debated in Congress, statehouses and city halls.

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Keep Learning

The SIEPR/Economics Predoctoral Research Fellowship program is a full-time, post baccalaureate program designed to prepare individuals wishing to gain valuable training and experience toward a career in academic research in economics or public policy.

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