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SIEPR Faculty Resources

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SIEPR offers faculty resources to catalyze and support policy-relevant research and opportunities to increase the likelihood that this research informs and influences economic policy.

Examples of current faculty resources

  • Access to SIEPR's Undergraduate Research Assistant Program, which provides funding and administrative support to hire up to two undergraduate research assistants each quarter.
  • The ability to apply for support towards appointing a Predoctoral Research Fellow through the SIEPR/Economics Predoctoral Research Fellows Program*.
  • Ability to apply for SIEPR Faculty Seed Funding for research expenses or toward conferences*.
  • Support in research dissemination through SIEPR Working Papers, Policy Briefs, and other outreach by our communications team.
  • Support for hosting collaborators and colleagues as visitors.
  • An invitation to the SIEPR Economic Summit (2 seats) and other SIEPR events.
  • Assistance with conference planning and access to meeting rooms. 

*Please note that junior faculty are prioritized for financial support in the Predoctoral Research Fellows Program and Faculty Seed Funding requests. 

SIEPR Senior Fellow Responsibilities

SIEPR Senior Fellow's formal responsibilities involve attending called Senior Fellow meetings and reviewing and voting on new Senior Fellow and Senior Research Scholar appointments. There are also several ways in which Senior Fellows engage and provide service to SIEPR in support of SIEPR’s mission. Examples include:

  • Participating in the intellectual activities of the organization, such as academic conferences and our outreach events, including serving on panels, connecting SIEPR with speakers, and organizing conferences in support of SIEPR’s mission.
  • Submitting your working papers to the SIEPR Working Paper series and working with SIEPR’s communication team to produce Policy Briefs and other forms of research dissemination.
  • Integrating our visitors into the Stanford community.
  • Serving on academic selection committees (e.g., to choose graduate fellowship winners or SIEPR Young Scholars).
  • Supporting our fundraising efforts.