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Children of poor immigrants in America have had greater success climbing the economic ladder than children of similarly poor fathers born in the United States, according to new research coauthored by SIEPR senior fellow Ran Abramitzky that links millions of fathers and sons dating to the 1880s... Read More
Oct 21 2019 | Global warming and extreme heat harming pregnant women | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
“Our results provide new estimates of the health costs of climate change and identify environmental drivers of the black-white maternal health gap,” says SIEPR faculty fellow Maya Rossin-Slater, alongside two other health economists.
Sep 24 2019 | California’s pension debt cannot be ignored | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
What are the implications of California’s pension debt? Joe Nation, Project Director of the Pension Tracker Project, shares his thoughts.
Sep 12 2019 | Four key things you should know about health care | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
Health care is a complicated issue. SIEPR senior fellow and emeritus professor of economics Victor Fuchs clarifies some common fallacies to help voters understand the issue better and inform their voting.
Sep 9 2019 | Stanford Health Policy | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
Older, low-income Americans tend to be healthier if they live in more affluent areas of the country, according to research by SIEPR faculty fellow Maria Polyakova.
Sep 4 2019 | The Impact of Brexit on UK firms | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
How is Brexit-related uncertainty influencing the UK economy? SIEPR senior fellow Nicholas Bloom shares research insights on how Brexit is already impacting UK firms.
Sep 3 2019 | How business schools can help restore trust in capitalism | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
Anat Admati, SIEPR senior fellow and professor at the Stanford GSB, identifies a number of ways business schools can start practicing and promoting civic-minded leadership.
Aug 25 2019 | From Storm Riders to choosing a rule: Jackson Hole research wrap | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
SIEPR senior fellow Hanno Lustig pointed to the role dollar-denominated investments - especially U.S. Treasury securities - play in providing global investors safe assets.
Aug 19 2019 | The debate about ethnic studies for California students | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
Tom Dee’s research found that ethnic studies classes in San Francisco helped struggling students earn higher grades and improve their school attendance.
Andrew Hall argues that the rise in polarization in politics derived to some extent from fewer moderates actually running for office.