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Media Fellows

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Journalists play an important role bridging academia and policy. The expertise and nonpartisan scholarship of SIEPR researchers can inform their reporting and provide insights into complex policy questions. The SIEPR Media Fellowship Program offers an opportunity for journalists to meet with our scholars, write, and interact with students on campus. For more information, contact Adam Gorlick, SIEPR’s Director of Communications at

SIEPR Media Fellows

Callum Williams, The Economist, July 2023

Grace Gedye, CalMatters, November 2022

Jim Tankersley, The New York Times, January 2020

Idrees Kahloon, The Economist, March 2019

Allan Holmes, Center for Public Integrity, June 2018

Garrance Burke, The Associated Press, May 2018

Nelson Schwartz, The New York Times, Nov. 2017