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Academic Year SIEPR Undergraduate Research Fellows Program

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The SIEPR Undergraduate Research Fellows (UGRF) program offers faculty-mentored research opportunities for Stanford undergraduates during the academic year. The program focuses on enriching the student research experience and offers additional opportunities for students to participate in the intellectual life of SIEPR. 

Program Structure 

Each quarter students and their faculty mentor will meet prior to the start of the quarter to agree on project goals and learning outcomes for a quarter-long research experience. The student time commitment is expected to be equivalent to a 3-unit course (approximately 9 hours per week). The Winter Quarter program will run from January 8 to March 15, 2024.

  • Students are offered a fellowship stipend of $1500 each academic quarter*
    • We urge students to check their eligibility to receive such a stipend before accepting the fellowship offer: Please review the Financial Aid Office's stipend policy  as well as the student Financial Aid Notification/Award Letter, and consult with the Financial Aid Office about how accepting a stipend for this research opportunity might affect any financial aid package. 
  • Students are not held to a weekly work hour requirement
    • Faculty mentors will discuss student progress at the middle and at the end of the quarter to help students make progress in their learning goals. 
  • Students will attend a one-hour weekly working group meeting hosted by SIEPR
    • The meetings will offer peer-to-peer interaction, professional development opportunities, and skills training.
  • SIEPR will host monthly seminars/presentations for undergraduate students
  • Students will submit to SIEPR periodic research summaries throughout the quarter and a final slide summarizing their learning outcomes around the end of the quarter


  • UGRFs must be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student at Stanford. 
    • Coterm students who are interested in the program will need to hold undergraduate standing to be eligible for the SIEPR UGRF program.
  • Students serving a suspension, on a leave of absence, or are participating in an off-campus opportunity during the quarter are not eligible. 
  • Students need to acknowledge that they understand the current Financial Aid policies for receiving a stipend payment while enrolled in classes, and are encouraged to check in with the Financial Aid Office before committing to participating in the SIEPR UGRF Program.

How to Apply

To apply for the SIEPR UGRF program, fill out the online application using the link below. Please follow the instructions in the application portal. The application will ask you to answer a few general questions about your academic interests.

Please prepare to upload the materials listed below:

  1. A list of the current courses that you are enrolled in for the upcoming quarter. 
  2. Resume
  3. A cover letter that addresses the following:
    • Why are you interested in a SIEPR UGRF position?
    • What is your previous experience, if any, with research?
    • What are your personal research interests?


If you have questions, please email

Applications are currently closed for winter quarter.