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2024 SIEPR Economic Summit

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Nvidia’s Jensen Huang. Ford Motor’s Jim Farley. The Fed’s Adriana Kugler. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Australia's Ambassador to the U.S. Kevin Rudd. Our 20th SIEPR Economic Summit brought together more than 500 influential leaders in business, academia, and government to discuss and debate pivotal economic issues — from what’s next for artificial intelligence, electric vehicles and inflation to how to address problems in health care, big cities, and the U.S. response to China.

Highlights and links to recordings from the March 1 event are below.

"This year’s Summit comes at a time of particular urgency and importance. Our job today is to allow evidence — based on rigorous, data-driven research — to guide our conversations and help those on the front lines of policy make better decisions."

— Mark Duggan, Trione Director of SIEPR


Making connections and informing policy

Here's what stood out from the 2024 SIEPR Economic Summit.

Summit Sessions

With the backdrop of a U.S. presidential election and growing geopolitical threats, panelists and speakers at the 2024 SIEPR Economic Summit threaded optimism and pragmatism throughout their perspectives. We invite you to explore the sessions and deepen your understanding of some of today's most pressing economic issues.

Ford CEO

"Never seen a competitor like this before."

Jim Farley speaks candidly about China's push into electric vehicles, the cultural transition at Ford, and why motorsports are key to staying competitive.

Read on and watch the full discussion

Fiscal (In)Stability

Time to pay the tab

How could the U.S. get its finances in order and avoid economic catastrophe? For starters, there's already "a fiscal equivalent to the Cheesecake Factory menu."

Read on and watch the full discussion

The Fed's Adriana Kugler

"I'm cautiously optimistic."

As the U.S. continues to grapple with inflation, the Federal Reserve governor discusses today’s economy, declining wealth inequality and the importance of academic research.

Improving US Health Care

Big ideas, small fixes

Health care is a top concern for Americans. Our expert panel offers up fixes — from pragmatic and innovative to radical.

Read on and watch the full discussion

Nvidia CEO

The incredible future of AI

Jensen Huang describes his chipmaking company’s stratospheric rise and how gangbuster technological advances will quickly pave new ways of life with AI.

Read on and watch the full discussion

Urban Revival

What’s next for American cities?

Big cities are facing big problems. Amid other needed policy reforms, getting back to basics in delivering city services will help.

Sizing Up a Competitor

How "tall" is China?

Two veteran diplomats — Condoleezza Rice and Kevin Rudd — take a measured look at China, the country’s future and the intertwined role of U.S. policy.

Read on and watch the full discussion

Quick links to the 2024 Summit

Scenes from the Summit

*All photos by Ryan Zhang

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