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Media Mentions Archive

Oct 2 2020 | Bloomberg
Senior Fellow Jay Bhattacharya is tapped for his insights in the wake of Trump’s diagnosis of COVID-19.
Sep 26 2020 | Bloomberg
Antitrust law should probably address matters like Apple’s pricing policies, but in court, game maker Epic faces an uphill battle in its lawsuit against Apple, says Senior Fellow Mark Lemley. 
Sep 24 2020 | NPR
To generate the kind of innovation that drives real growth at a company, people need a certain amount of face-to-face contact with their colleagues, says Senior Fellow Nick Bloom.
Sep 23 2020 | CNBC
The robot revolution is a tsunami that's yet to come, Senior Fellow Erik Brynjolfsson says in explaining his research on automation adoption.
Sep 22 2020 | The Telegraph
A new study by Senior Fellow Pascaline Dupas highlights an unintended consequence of the COVID-19 lockdown in India — a 25% rise in mortality among dialysis patients.
A controversial arm of the Affordable Care Act reduced strokes, heart disease, and other ailments among older, low-income patients, according to a study by Senior Fellow M. Kate Bundorf.
Sep 19 2020 | Los Angeles Times
Faculty Fellow Marshall Burke estimates smoke exposure has likely caused 1,000 to 3,000 excess deaths and an additional 5,000 emergency room visits in California in the last month.
Sep 18 2020 | Bloomberg
SIEPR Senior Fellow Frank Wolak says California could open up its electricity to retail competition. But political dynamics make that an unrealistic option right now, he says.
Sep 17 2020 | New York Times
The pandemic has led to a broad workforce upheaval not seen since World War II, says Erik Brynjolfsson, SIEPR Senior Fellow and director of the Stanford Digital Economy Lab, a joint venture of Stanford HAI and SIEPR.
Sep 17 2020 | The Hill
As debates continue on the role of the federal government assisting state and local governments, Senior Fellow Joshua Rauh makes the case that it’s time for bond holders to share the load with debt relief.