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Media Mentions Archive

Aug 31 2020 | Wall Street Journal
SIEPR Senior Fellow Joseph Grundfest discusses the constitutional issues raised by legislation that uses race or gender as a basis for a quota
Aug 29 2020 | Washington Post
Research by SIEPR Senior Fellow Thomas Dee shows that Black students with Black teachers score higher on reading tests than those who did not.
Aug 29 2020 | USA Today
For those nearing retirement, SIEPR’s John Shoven advises that it’s crucial to think carefully about your options in these uncertain times.
Aug 28 2020 | Bloomberg
SIEPR's Nick Bloom warns at the Federal Reserve’s annual meeting that changes to fiscal and monetary policy will likely be less effective because of uncertainty from the coronavirus pandemic.
Aug 23 2020 | Wall Street Journal
When rolling blackouts darkened parts of California this month, SIEPR Senior Fellow Frank Wolak had a painful sense of déjà vu. “California policy makers completely forgot the lessons from the [previous] crisis…in their rush to go green,” he said.
Aug 20 2020 | Bloomberg
SIEPR Senior Fellow Frank Wolak, who studies electricity markets, said the move to close the power market won’t prevent blackouts.
Aug 17 2020 | Maine Public
Gopi Shah Goda, SIEPR Deputy Director and Senior Fellow, discusses the history of social security and how it has shaped the United States.
SIEPR Senior Fellow Sean Reardon discusses how the pandemic might be affecting parents' decisions of whether to enroll their children in public or private schools.
Aug 14 2020 | The Hill
"The pandemic did not only lay bare the implications of the digital divide, it also created a laboratory for studying how best to bridge the divide," says SIEPR Senior Fellow Greg Rosston.
Aug 13 2020 | Vox
The dream of intergenerational mobility is alive: children of immigrants generally experience greater socioeconomic success than they themselves do, according to findings from SIEPR Senior Fellow Ran Abramitzky.