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SIEPR Academic Year UGRA Program: Part-time Open Positions

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How to Apply

To apply for the SIEPR UGRA program, fill out the online application using the link below. Please follow the instructions in the application portal. The application will ask you to answer a few general questions about your academic interests.

Please prepare to upload the materials listed below:

  1. A list of the current courses that you are enrolled in for the upcoming quarter. 

  2. Resume

  3. A cover letter that addresses the following:

    • Why are you interested in a SIEPR UGRA position?

    • What is your previous experience, if any, with research?

    • What are your personal research interests?


If you have questions, please email

Open Position

Political Economy of Gender and Religion in India: How do identity-based norms and ideologies influence economic outcomes?

Faculty Mentor: Melanie Morton

Project Description: This is an opportunity to gain research experience in development economics and archival research. The research assistant will be involved in two projects: (1) studying the effect of restrictive manufacturing policies on reducing female labor force participation, and (2) the role of state media in making religious identity more salient, influencing social and economic segregation.

RA Responsibilities: The student will participate in the creation of novel datasets from Indian economic and government reports from 1970-1990s. For the first project, using data on industries from economic census reports, we will study how employment of women differs in industries facing restrictive government policies on hiring. For the second project, using the locations and descriptions of new television towers in annual government reports, we will be able to quantify access to government television in towns and villages over time. The student will be primarily involved in scanning and documenting archival data, available in the form of print volumes and microfiche, housed currently at the Stanford Library.

Qualification Requirements: Interest in the area